Hayati Gold Oud

Do you sometimes want to wear a fragrance that makes you feel rich? Let us introduce you to Hayati New York Gold Oud: 1 Million Oud



Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for men, or a signature long-lasting perfume for everyday use— 1 Million Oud is the one. 

It offers a unique and luxurious scent with Agarwood (oud) fragrance featured in its base note to exude its rich, woody, and spicy aroma, and it wouldn't be a surprise to call it ‘Liquid Gold’.

Let's explore more about the premier quality Oud perfume ahead. 

The Notes

One thing you must know about Hayati New York is that we love a challenge. 1 Million Oud is our successful attempt to reinvent the classic Oud fragrance and modernize it. 

Unlike you had ever imagined, the Gold Elixir kicks off with fruity, peachy, and apple notes, moving on to the dominating notes of saffron and honey clove. Finally, notes of regal amber, musk, and agarwood (oud) sit on the skin oozing the rich warmth that Oud is known for.  

It is a full-bodied oriental blend of oriental ingredients that flits between Eastern and Western scents.

Who is 1 Million Oud for?

Ideally, Hayati New York's Gold Elixir is for fashion-forward men. It is a heady, bold, and statement-making perfume. The perfume comes in a beautiful Royal Blue Gift Box, and a Magnificent Gold Bottle making it the perfect expensive gift for men and a must-have addition to your vanity.

This Gold Liquid is quintessential for winter and an optimal outdoor scent. You can walk into last-minute interviews and meetings feeling confident and let its seductive vibes do the talking on your date nights. 

How to determine if "Liquid Gold" suits you?

Different scents react differently with your body chemistry. You need to find the one that best suits you. While 1 Million Oud is one of our popular scents, how can you know if it is indeed the one for you? Well, Hayati' New York’s guiding principle is, “Try First, Then Trust”. Once you order the full-sized bottle, you also receive a complimentary 2ml bottle for you to Try  First, Then Trust! Cool, right?

You can experience all tiered notes of the fragrance once you have applied it to your skin — ideally, to your wrists or collarbones. Besides that, you are more likely to smell the entire composition for a longer period if it is applied to the fabric. 

You can apply it every day, for 3 to 4 days, and see how well it suits you. You can determine that by your personal preference, and also a few compliments from people around you. Once you think it suits you, you can keep it as your new signature scent. If not, then read here what you can do about it. 

End Note

Oud has been a highly prized ingredient used in perfumery for years, and Hayati proudly incorporates it into our line of Oud Scents, where our Gold Liquid, the 1 Million Oud, remains top of the line. Do you dare to stand out with your choice of perfumes? Then try this spellbinding elixir today. 


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