Is Hayati a luxury brand?

Yes, Hayati New York is indeed a luxury perfumery, offering fragrances priced between $100 and $150 for a limited time only.

Is Hayati Made in the USA BRAND?

Yes, Our high-quality collection of Eau De Parfum (EDP) is proudly showcased in luxurious packaging, all meticulously crafted in the suburbs of New York City. USA

How many perfumes do you offer?

We feature nine unique fragrances: three for men, three for women, and three unisex options. Our ingredients are of the highest quality, with a concentration of 17% to 30% perfume, exceeding industry standards.

Do HAYATI fragrances contain alcohol?

Yes, our fragrances contain denatured alcohol, a synthetic, non-toxic, and safe ingredient commonly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

How long do HAYATI fragrances last on the skin and what are the key notes?

Our fragrances are made with top-quality essential oils and innovative ingredients, ensuring they last long. When stored properly (in cool, dark places), they can last at least a year. For specific fragrance notes, visit

What is the fragrance dosage and why does HAYATI last longer than other brands?

HAYATI fragrances have a high fragrance oil concentration, ranging from 17% to 30%, ensuring a strong, long-lasting scent. This high dosage sets us apart from many other brands.

How do HAYATI fragrances compare with premium niche perfumes?

At HAYATI, we offer exceptional niche fragrances at reasonable prices. By keeping our margins low and overheads minimal, we ensure that you receive high-quality products without breaking the bank. We source the finest fragrance oils and partner with top perfumers to create unique scents housed in luxurious packaging.

My HAYATI Order:

Are samples available before I purchase a full-size bottle?

Yes, our HAYATI Discovery Sample Set includes six 2ml sprays, perfect for exploring our scents.

What if I don’t like the scent? Am I stuck with it?

No worries! Each full-size fragrance comes with a sample 2ml vial. If you don't like the sample, email us at within 14 days to initiate a return. First-time full-size bottle purchasers get a free return. Returning customers will be charged a $10 return/restocking fee.

General Fragrance Questions

What is a scent-selector?

"Scent selector" typically refers to a tool or process used to help individuals choose a fragrance that best suits their preferences. The goal is to assist customers in finding a fragrance that aligns with their taste and lifestyle.

How long can I expect HAYATI fragrances to last, and what's the best way to enhance their longevity?

HAYATI fragrances last at least eight hours. For the best results, apply to moisturized skin and layer the scent on both skin and clothing.

What is the typical timeline for developing a new fragrance, and what are the key steps involved in the process?

Creating a new fragrance can take up to a year. It starts with a brief, followed by the creation of fragrance samples. The final scent is refined through collaboration between the brand and perfumers.

How can consumers maximize the longevity of their fragrances, and what are some best practices for storing them?

Fragrances last longer when stored in cool, dark places. Avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations. The original packaging protects the bottle from light, or consider storing fragrances in the refrigerator.

Do you offer a discovery set?

Yes, we do! We have four discovery sets available: Men's, Women's, House of Oud, and Hayati collections, all at 25% off. Made in the USA, with very reasonable prices.

Do you have travel-size perfumes?

 Yes, we do! Each full-size 75 ml bottle comes with a bonus 10 ml travel-size bottle, allowing our customers to enjoy their favorite scent anywhere - whether it's on a cruise, in the office, at a party, or even in the car.

What is your return and refund policy?

Try It Out with Your Order: When you receive your full-size fragrance from, you'll also get a complimentary 2ml trial-size sample. Take your time to experience the fragrance with the sample.

Unsatisfied? Contact Us: If the fragrance doesn't meet your expectations, reach out to us at within 14 days of receiving your order.

Initiate Return Promptly: To qualify for a full refund, make sure to start the return process within 14 days of receiving your order.

Remember, for a full refund, all returns must be sealed in their original packaging, unopened, unused, and in resalable condition.

We're dedicated to ensuring your fragrance shopping experience with us is hassle-free and satisfying.

What are fragrance families?

Fragrances are categorized by type, like roses, spices, floral, musk, amber citrus, woody, or floral. This helps identify the main notes and overall aroma. If unsure, think about scents you already enjoy, or visit the HAYATI scent -selector for a recommendation.




Does skin chemistry influence the way fragrances smell?

Why do fragrances smell different to me than on someone else?

YES: Skin chemistry varies, affecting how a fragrance smells. Every HAYATI bottle comes with a sample to try. If it doesn't suit you, exchange it for a better match. Spritzing on clothing can also help enjoy a scent that doesn't work with your skin chemistry.