An Ode to Trust: Benefits of Hayati's Complimentary Perfume

A whiff of a memorable perfume is like an instant time-machine into the past. That's the power of fragrance; and when it is more personal, it makes it even more perfect. Isn't it fascinating how our noses can pick up thousands of scents, while our brain remembers them — just like a sorted olfactory playlist. 

It's not all about nostalgia; to help you find the right perfume Hayati offers the perfume shopping experience of a lifetime. Hayati's 10ml complimentary perfume bottles with the purchase of each 75 ml full-sized bottle allows you to try the perfume first before committing to it. 

How does that benefit you? Let's discuss.  

Try to Trust

Hayati believes that you should “Try First Then Trust”. We can boast our fragrances all we want, but at the end of the day, all that matters is what you think about it. With each order of a full-sized bottle, we add a complimentary 2ml bottle to the package. What is the reason for this, you may ask? 

When you receive your order, you can first try the 2ml complimentary bottle of the same perfume you purchased. Ideally, you should apply it every day, for two to three days to see if it suits you. If for some reason, you believe that the perfume does not resonate with you, you can return or exchange the unopened perfume. 

Easy Refund/Return and Exchange Policy 

In case you are not satisfied once you have tried your 10 ml complimentary bottle, you can contact us within 14 days of receiving your package. 

After that, we would need to create a return label with which you can send the package back to us within 14 days. After receiving your package back, we will issue you your refund minus the shipping fee OR you can get another perfume that may have caught your attention, in exchange for your previous purchase. 

We ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. A customer representative will always be there to assist in case you ever need guidance. For more details, visit our return/refund policy page. 

What if You Love the Perfume? 

We are confident enough to say that our perfumes captivate a universal appeal. Our perfumes are love and happiness encased in exquisite bottles. We have developed a unique blend of notes that keep you yearning for more. 

With your 10ml complimentary bottle on each full-size perfume, you can now carry your favorite perfume with you anywhere you want. It will fit in your car, purse and even your pocket. 

A quick spritz before your big meeting or long-awaited date will give you all the confidence you may need. 

Final Word

Not only are you to receive an unimaginable olfactory experience, but a smooth buying process. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and want you to have a memorable experience when you make a purchase from Hayati. 

Hayati's 10ml complimentary bottle with the purchase of each full-sized bottle allows you to “Try First Then Trust”

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