Hayati — Make Your Presence Felt

Our Story

With perseverance and ambition, I commenced on a new chapter in the suburbs of New York as an immigrant, and it instantly felt like returning home. Was it a straight road to success? Not at all. My determination was fueled by the towering skyscrapers of New York, enhancing my work ethic as well. To sustain myself and to make a bright future possible, I engaged in a diverse array of occupations. It was like climbing on a ladder to the sunny tomorrow that I could clearly see. At this moment, I found myself nurturing a  vision for a new endeavor — Hayati.  

Our Philosophy 

At the heart of our brand, Hayati, love is a guiding force that influences every aspect. Hayati, meaning "my life," encapsulates its essence. Inspired by real-life love stories along the Hudson River, unfolding daily along the shoreline.  Every beautiful passing couple, completely in love, mesmerized me with their enveloping  fragrance. While at city parties, I found myself captivated by the aromas and realized the profound impact of scents. Love, in all its forms, is the heartbeat of our philosophy. 

Our Inspiration 

Fueled by the feelings of love and happiness, I aspire to share them with others. Immersing myself in the art of perfume making resulted in my first successful scent, "HABIBI ALBI OUD, SAHARA DESERT OUD, AND ROSE OUD ELIXER," a blend that brings a smile with the first sniff. As I gear up to launch additional products for my fragrance brands, HAYATI, this collection continues to be my guiding light, inspiring enthusiasm and optimism. 

Our Mission 

I cling to my mission of spreading happiness and love beyond perfume making.  My journey, transitioning from a humble riverbank laborer and student to the CEO and an aspiring entrepreneur in the field of perfumery for Love and Happiness, pays homage to the fascinating world of fragrances. Here, each aroma possesses the capacity to spark exquisite tales.

Why Hayati? 

Hayati's perfumes are backed by research and surveys on fragrance preferences, global trends, and cultural aspects. We pride ourselves as a customer-centric brand, aiming not only to satisfy our customers with our products but also with our services. Our commitment to unbeatable excellence is reflected in every note. To allow you to explore more of Hayati's collection, we also include a token of appreciation with each purchase—a complimentary 10ml bottle. At Hayati, modern innovation combined with the finest ingredients creates an olfactory journey like no other.