Best Perfumes for Ramadan and Eid

With Ramadan around the corner, it's essential to find the right perfume to enhance your spiritual journey and celebrate the month with immense joy and high spirits.

Ramadan also offers a chance for self-reflection, generosity, and giving back. Whether you're invited to an iftar dinner or have made a new friend during Tarawih, giving gifts during Ramadan and Eid holds great significance. Hayati New York's perfumes offer a personalized and thoughtful choice for loved ones this Holy Month.

Explore our top Hayati New York fragrances for Ramadan and Eid celebrations ahead.

1 - Habibi Albi Oud

How can we start without the ever-classic Oud scent? Traditionally, in the Middle East, you can find the scent of oud burning everywhere; in malls, souks, and homes.  This makes Habibi Albi Oud a staple fragrance in the Month of Ramadan. 

Its top notes exude the soft, oriental blend of saffrons, nutmeg, and lavender. These are then followed by the warm and woody scent of agarwood (oud), ending with patchouli and musk giving the ideal Middle Eastern vibes. You can use it as a gift for both him and her, as a symbol of warm hospitality. 

2 - Sahara Desert Oud

Since we are already on topic with traditional oud scents, we can not leave our exceptional Sahara Desert Oud behind. A spritz of this goes a long way and can set your mood for the day, making you feel active and energetic.

It has spicy, woody, and oud-y notes, and is made with a fine blend of spices, cedarwood, and agarwood. This scent is sure to leave an incredible mark at all your outdoor gatherings. It is the kind of scent that requires no second thought for men. 

3 - Rose Oud Elixir 

Of course, we are not leaving the ladies behind here. Rose Oud Elixir is the most desirable option for Eid and Ramadan. The scent reminds you to appreciate the little pleasures in life, during the Holy Month and all year around.  

It is undoubtedly the most feminine scent — making it the optimal gift for her. Its notes of tinctures of rose, agarwood, and guaiac wood create an incomparable sensory celebration. 

4 - Rendezvous A New York

If you want to change things up from the traditional oud scents this Ramadan, then up next in our recommendations is Rendezvous A New York. This genderless fragrance uses amber as its base note for exuberance.

Its top notes include saffron and sandalwood, followed by lingering notes of papyrus and cedarwood. It is a must-have scent for everyday use and special occasions. 

5 - Jasmine Al Jazeera 

Ending the list with a soft scent that transports you to a world of sophistication and allure. Jasmine Al Jazeera is a flowery scent starting with powdery notes and jasmine. Moving on, you will notice the exquisite fragrance of the rose. Finally, the base things take a twist with a touch of luxury using saffron and musk. So you better not miss out on the opportunity of making this scent your signature for Ramadan. 

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