Best Amber Perfumes for Him 2024

You would find amber in one of the most music scents in the market, making it one of the most sought-after perfume ingredients. Amber is undoubtedly one of the most sensual scents — it's magnetic, striking, and perfect for both him and her.

If you are in search of spicy yet sweet, warm, and powdery perfumes, look no further because we have rounded up some of the best ones from Hayati New York amber perfumes right here. But before that, let's learn a bit more about amber. 

The Essence of Amber

While not driven from the amber stone, it surely shares its features of the warmth of the glowing stone. Amber adds unmatched depth and fullness to perfumes—it is not a standalone ingredient but a fragrance accord consisting of resinous elements such as benzoin, tonka bean, and vanilla.

The element of benzoin adds a soft resiny aroma, vanilla is for its sweet and velvety spice touch and tonka bean gives it its rich woody notes.  

Amber is usually a part of warmer perfumes that are ideal for the chilly seasons. Once spritzed onto the skin, it feels like being hugged by a cozy cashmere sweater and having your favorite cup of hot coffee.

Top Amber Perfume Picks

Hayati New York offers a range of warm perfumes, with amber being a keynote in several.  Following are the perfumes in which you would find the aroma of amber. 

#1 - Habibi Albi Oud (Unisex)

Due to its deep and sensual characteristics, Habibi Albi Oud evokes a sense of comfort for its wearers. This androgynous scent can be described as woody and earthy where the hints of amber offer a rich golden scent. 

The perfume is a head-turner that you can use 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Its initial hit is saffron, nutmeg, and lavender which is followed by the oriental scent of agarwood (oud) and ends with soft notes of patchouli and musk, creating the perfect blend with amber-like aroma. Perfect for lovers, the perfume also makes a great date-night perfume.

#2 - 1 Million Oud (Men's)

Encased in a gorgeous gold bottle, this liquid elixir is for those who love luxury.  1 Million Oud is a memorable scent that makes a powerful statement for special occasions. Wear it out on a special night with your girl and you are bound to win some brownie points with it. 

This super long-lasting masculine scent has notes of fruit, peach apple, saffron, honey cloves, musk, agarwood (oud), and most importantly amber. The intoxicating and intense fragrance is there to get you compliments.  

#3 - Amor Oud (Unisex) 

We saved the best for last. Are you looking for a perfume that you and your partner can share? The blend is simple yet intricate with top notes of oud, followed by floral heart notes. Amor Oud offers amber as a base note, which means you'll have the invigorating scent of amber lingering on you whenever you wear it.  

Despite its striking profile, Amor Oud is surprisingly versatile. The richness of oud deepens the floral scent, while the amber accords offer a spicy base. Perfect for those who want to try complex floral scents and are new to trying amber perfumes.  

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