Why Luxury Perfume Set is Perfect Gift for Her

Aren't we always on the qui vive for the perfect gift for our loved ones?  Perfumes  hold a bewitching power to win people over, whether you are wearing them or gifting them. 

At Hayati, we offer a line of gift sets for him, her and couples (unisex). With a range of perfume options available, we ensure to make it easier for you to pick the right one by carefully curating them as gift sets! 

Let's get into some of the best Hayati has to offer. Here's why choosing the gift set is a step in the right direction. 

Reasons to Gift the Hayati Gift Set 

Serving as a luxurious gift and thoughtful gift for any occasion, the 3-Bottle Gift Set for Women has three full-sized perfumes of 75ml. Following are the reasons why it makes an ideal gift choice for the beautiful women in your life. 

- Elegant Packaging: Gifts are a gateway to self-expression; however, packing them can be a hassle. Luxury sets come in elegantly designed boxes and cases, increasing the overall joy of receiving the gift.

- Long-lasting Scent: We ensure making perfumes that cling to the skin from dawn to dusk and more. This will surely delight your loved ones senses. 

- High-end Luxury: Gifting is all about the thought behind it, not the price tag. This luxury set signifies that you value and treasure them as a part of your life.

- Versatility: No matter your friend enjoys musky, citrusy, floral or oud notes, this set offers a bit of everything. She can wear them at any time of the day, and at different occasions depending on her preference, mood and event. 

What's Included in the Gift Set for Women?

Perfumes from Hayati have you covered for your gifting needs. Let's take a closer look at the perfumes in the 3-Bottle Luxury Gift Set for Women. Here's what's included:

1 - English Rose

Encased in a pink bottle, this soft and subtle perfume is all a woman can ask for, its opening notes bursting with the scent of lychee and European Turkish Rose rhubarb.

Following that are the mellow notes of peony and vanilla, giving the perfume its true sweet and floral touch. At the base note lie incense and vetiver, giving it the perfect finish it needs.

2 - Rose Oud Elixir

Rose Oud Elixer is one of the most iconic perfumes you could come across, with its woody oriental notes, allowing your girl to explore something as unique as she is. 

The perfume's one-of-a-kind blend is made of rose tincture, agarwood (oud), and guaiac wood, creating an olfactory experience that ranges from subtle and sweet to bold and daring, depending on the outfit. 

3 - Jasmin Al Jazeera

The perfume is as versatile as can be, the perfect whisper of something lovely on a casual day or something special for a night out. Initially, the perfume hits you with floral notes of jasmine, followed by rose.

To add to its versatility and depth, it ends with saffron and musk. The perfume really captures the wearer's essence and leaves a memorable trail.

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