Best Citrus Perfumes for Her

The crisp, lively, and effervescent aroma of citrus perfumes can uplift anyone's mood, instantly. While they make an ideal summertime scent, they are also a bold choice for wintery nights. 

To describe citrus perfumes, you can know them as juicy, tangy, bitter, herbal, or sparkling fresh and clean. The best citrus perfumes include vanilla, floral, or woody ingredients. 

Ahead we will explore why citrus scents take center stage in the olfactory world, and which ones are the best for the ladies at Hayati New York. 

Why You Need to Try Citrus Perfumes 

Ultimately, wearing citrus is a personal preference but here are some reasons why you should give citrus scents a chance, if you haven't already. 

  • Similar to a freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer afternoon, citrus perfumes revitalize you and add a pep to your step. 
  • They are perfect for lifting your spirit on a gloomy day and giving you the much-needed confidence that you may be looking for. 
  • If paired with the right ingredients, perfumes with citrus impressions are often light and airy, and not too overpowering. 
  • Citrus scents are versatile scents that have truly withstood the test of time. They have been popular for centuries and are a classic that is here to stay. 
  • It is an energizing scent known for its mood-boosting properties.

Top Citrus Picks from Hayati New York 

Your search for exquisite perfume masterpieces ends here. Hayati New York we pride ourselves in creating a versatile collection of perfumes with various scent profiles. Following are our women's perfumes with citrus impressions.  

Jasmin Al-Jazeera

Energizing yet lightweight, Jasmin Al-Jazeera is the kind of perfume you would want to keep in your perfume for those spring evenings and summer days. It is a clean scent, with a citrusy vibe to it. 

The jasmin top note created an interesting combination, followed by the rose making it an ultimate floral perfume as well. To add depth to the softness of the perfume, you'll find the scent of saffron and musk at the end. 

It is the kind of scent you wear if you wish to be remembered.  It leaves a subtle impression, without overwhelming you or the crowd. It is a sophisticated and beautiful scent, and you are sure to love the bottle's elegance on your vanity. 

English Rose 

A perfume that smells divine and looks stunning on your dresser? Yes, please. The mix of floral scent and a tangy reminiscent of citrus creates a flawless mix. 

English Rose's initial hit comes from the litchi and rhubarb European Turkish rose. To further enhance its femininity and elegance, at the heart of the perfume is peony and vanilla. The scent rounds up with the base notes of incense and vetiver, balancing the sweet and fresh element of the perfume. 

The blend of fruity and floral elements offers a distinctively comforting scent.  All of these ingredients combined create a uniquely fresh and irresistible scent profile that is perfect all year round. For most wearers, the perfume blends beautifully with the skin, keeping your body fresh for the entire day. 

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