Best Long Lasting Citrus Perfume for Him

When the scorching sun beats down, you need a burst of energy to kick-start your day and feel fresh all day long. Plus, with summer around the corner, you must find yourself a warm-weather wear perfume — reach out for a long-lasting citrus perfume. Its zestier and fresh notes are ideal for the sunnier days. 

Let's discover ahead all you need to know about citrus perfumes and the best one you can find at Hayati New York. 

What do Citrus Perfumes Smell Like?

Known for its refreshing qualities, citrus perfumes are crafted using citrus fruits as their inspiration.  Typically, the scent is collected using essential oil extracts, fruit peel, leaves, or blossom. 

The best kind of citrus scent would combine other fragrance families such as woody or floral — this provides longevity and depth to the perfume's notes and provides balance for its volatile nature. 

Longevity of Hayati New York's Perfumes

Getting yourself that signature summer scent means you need it to be long-lasting, and that's where we come in — Hayati New York. Our scents can last you an entire day.

Wake up, spritz your favorite scent from Hayati New York's collection, and stride into your early morning meetings with confidence, breeze through afternoon grocery runs feeling fresh, and set the mood for date nights leaving a sensual trail of scent behind you.  

Best of Hayati's New York – Italian Leather 

Coming back to our top pick for Hayati's long-lasting citrus scent, we have Italian Leather for Men. As mentioned earlier, citrusy scents pair well with floral and woody notes. Italian leather is all about a deep, dark, and intense scent with the freshness of citrusy notes of bergamot in its middle notes. It is a modern citrus-smelling perfume and a well-rounded crowd-pleaser. 

This perfume's premium ingredients are sure to take you on an adventure.  It is an Italian luxury perfume, and with a wide array of notes, it makes a pleasant scent for modern men. With a lot going on in this scent, you get the spicy top notes of cloves and cardamom, which is followed by the bright and uplifting scent of germanium and bergamot, and to prevent it from being too overpowering, the perfume ends with the long-lasting scent of leather and birchwood sand. 

With careful consideration, and a focus on standing out, we chose bergamot as a citrusy note which is a fruit known for its distinctive scent. Not only do you get the citrusy punch from it, but its aroma also consists of floral and spicy notes. 

Who Should Use Italian Leather?

If you are someone who enjoys timeless elegance, luxury, and sophistication, you would most likely enjoy making Italian Leather part of your collection. It's an ideal scent for those with a refined taste for the finer things in life. The perfect balance between the warmth of leather and the freshness of bergamot, you can enjoy the balance between the traditional and modern lifestyle. You would also be someone who values quality to craftsmanship and attention to olfactory detail. 

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