What Fragrances Do Lovers Like?

The warmth of a familiar fragrance can not be underrated. Scent instrumental when it comes to evoking nostalgia. The most romantic fragrance will not only make you irresistible to your partner but also remind him of you when you're not around.  But with hundreds of various aromas in the market, which one is the perfect one?

A scent that sits nicely on the skin and complements our personality says more about us than we anticipate. While notes of rose and jasmine have been classified as the "notes of love" in the olfactory world, the truth is that the fragrance you love on yourself will cast that love spell on others as well.

Let's see what scents will make head turns. 

1 - Rose 

From being used by Cleopatra to welcome Mark Antony to her boudoir to Romans adopting it as a status symbol and gracing the town's fountains with rose water — roses have made a considerable journey into the olfactory world. 

Rose carries a symbolic scent of romance and love and has earned its quintessential status. A rose-based perfume such as the Rose Oud Elixer and English Rose are effortless option to set the mood for your date night. Often associated with passion, the scent can contribute to an intimate and memorable experience. 

2 - Lavender 

Lavender is an underrated scent that catches you by surprise each time you come across it. It is popular for its calming and soothing properties. If you need something to enhance a slow, playful, and sensual mood, lavender is it.  In a perfume such as  Habibi Albi Oud —literally translating to the love of my heart— lavender offers a deep and longing freshness. 

Lavender scents are ideal for balmy summer nights when you desire a fragrance that not only demands attention but also offers a fresh, airy aroma that lingers in the background.

3 - Jasmine 

Jasmine is considered the queen of flowers and is often known as the "Belle of India" or the "Queen of Fragrance" — and rightfully so. The soft white flower symbolizes purity and femininity and can quickly strike your partner's attention.

With an energetic and rich scent, 

Jasmine perfumes add elegance and softness to your overall personality.  Perfumes like Jasmin Al-Jazeera offer a unique scent but still carry mass olfactive appeal.  You could try several scents, but the spark Jasmine perfumes ignite is unmatched. Its an ideal perfume for memorable days. 

4 - Amber

Think of warm, cozy nights, watching your favorite rom-com, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Need that perfume packed with feelings in a bottle? Amber offers just that. Amber aromas are known to be warm and inviting and are often found in unisex perfumes, such as  Amor Oud

It's a must-have for casual to fun occasions. Plus, amber perfumes are a timeless choice for both day and night. The inviting notes will surely tug at heartstrings, whether you wear it or your partner. Wearing this perfume in the city will always remind you of the spontaneous fun and unexpected adventures you had together.  

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