A Guide on Choosing the Perfect Perfume without Wasting Time or Money

Want to find a perfume that showcases your personality and add a spring to yourself — without wasting time and money? Finding the perfect perfume can be challenging.  

To discover an olfactory signature, one must familiarize oneself with various notes, scents, and formulas. Even when you think you've struck gold with the ideal perfume that captures your desired scent, it may not resonate with you. 

Sounds challenging, right? Let us guide you. 

Fragrance Notes 

Fragrance notes are the individual building blocks of a perfume which layer up and contribute to its overall scent. 

There are three types of notes: top, heart and base notes. 

  1. Top Notes: Also known as the head note, is the first scent you notice after spraying a perfume. This sets the first impression, and shapes the fragrance. 
  2. Heart Note: Also known as the mid note, these are the ones that linger the longest, and stay evident. While these may not smell nice on their own, they compliment base notes. 
  3. Base Notes: These are the foundation of the perfume along with heart notes and while they kick in after 30 minutes of spraying your perfume, these are the ones that last the longest.  

Saving Money With HayatiNY's Discovery Sets 

There is no denying that perfume samples are the best way to save money when exploring new fragrances. Their affordability allows you to try multiple scents to understand their chemistry with your skin. 

Discovery Set Women's 

The Women's discovery set comes with six, 2ml perfume bottles. The set is ideal not just for you but also gives your partner an opportunity to explore the unisex scents. The couple can even set the scene by wearing their newly found signature scents on date night, leaving a mesmerizing, lingering scent behind them.

The set includes:

Discovery Set Men's 

Find your signature scent with this six-piece discovery set with 2ml perfume bottles. The collection is inspired by feelings, experiences, moments and memories that we make. You can wear each fragrance alone, or create desired layers, to set you apart. 

The set includes: 

Discovery Set Oud

Step into the balmy nights of the Sahara with our handpicked selection of authentic Oud perfumes. Experience the essence of the Middle East through a carefully crafted range, featuring options for both men and women, along with captivating unisex blends. Feel amazing while saving money, as these scents effortlessly transport you to a more confident version of yourself. 

The set includes: 

Closing Note 

Hayati invites you to enjoy effortless luxury. Their perfumes are exceptionally long lasting and cling to your skin for 12 hours and more. With every 75ml bottle, you receive a complimentary 10ml bottle — this is our commitment to allow you to try first and then trust.  Say goodbye to the hassle of buying small bottles; our complimentary perfumes and discovery sets are not just about scent but also about saving you both time and money. Here's to savoring the essence of Hayati, where every spritz tells a story of quality, convenience, and makes your presence felt. 

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