The Magic of Oud Perfumes

What better way to make a statement  than to do it with Oud? Oud aficionados are unfazed by its extreme, demonstrative and powerful aroma — which makes it truly authentic. Originating from South Asia and the Middle East, Oud has dominated the fragrance world for centuries. 

Traditionally, oud has enjoyed a uniquely precious prestige in the Islamic world for centuries. It has been used in incense chips burned in religious places and mosques and is used sparingly as an aromatic body oil.  Often described as "Liquid Gold", Oud extracted from a resin formed as a reaction to mold, making it one of the rarest and most expensive components used in the perfume industry. 

How is Oud Made? 

From penicillin saving lives to the molds we consume in yogurt, cheese, and bread, Oud emerges as another fascinating creation.  When the agar tree is infected with the Phialophora parasitica mold, it causes a reaction and produces a dark, dense and aromatic resin to protect itself.  The source of oud is this resin-embedded heartwood of the tree. 

What Makes Oud Stand Out From the Rest? 

Mass-market scents are often synthetic, and not all luxury-scents are made alike. Compared to others, Oud often comes with a hefty price tag, which is greatly justified by the long making process. Here is what makes Oud shine:

  • Not only does Oud have incredible depth, it has a long-lasting scent and the ability to stay on the skin for longer periods. 
  • It's an excellent fixative as it holds other scents in place as well, balancing them out. 
  • Widely associated with the Arab world, it has its own distinguished aroma. It is now becoming more popular in the US and the western world, as enthusiasts become more familiar with its wild and intense aroma. 
  • Wearing a bold statement perfume  like Oud helps mark your individuality.
  • When worn in the daytime, it becomes its own impactful evening fragrance.  
  • Apart from its opulence, Oud can calm down stress and neurotic chaos. 

Top 5 Hayati New York Oud Perfume

1 - Habibi Albi Oud (Unisex)

Inspired by resinous and earthy tones, the perfume sparks with saffron, nutmeg and lavender. It transfers to a strong Oud scent that leaves trails with the final patchouli and musk base notes. It's a perfect fusion of aromas for both the ladies and the gents. 

2 - 1 Million Oud (Men's)

Both fruity, yet regal in composition, it opens with an effervescent peachy scent and then takes a dive into the aroma of saffrons and honey cloves. The oud (agarwood) sets after some time, and is paired with amber and musk. It is a deeply hypnotic and textured scent — perfect for the day but it goes without saying that it's better at night. 

3 - Rose Oud Elixir (Women's)

This angelic scent is sure to take you on a journey. Opening with tincture of rose the perfume takes an impactful turn towards Oud. Finally, it lands on the sensual scent of guaiac wood essence. It is one of the brand's consistent bestsellers. 

4 - Amor Oud (Unisex) 

Filling you up with self-confidence, this perfume starts with a strong burst of Oud.  It then meddles with a soft floral scent — coming to an end with a sweet base of Amber. This perfume creates an atmosphere that relaxes the body and mind for both men and women. 

5 - Sahara Desert Oud (Men's) 

Kicking off with a warm spicy opening, it transfers to an aromatic combination of a cedar and wood. Finally, the lingering scent of Oud reveals itself. This rich and otherworldly scent is perfect for both the day time and the night. It is truly a long-lasting scent to suit all tastes. 

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