Best Warm and Spicy Perfumes

Spices may only seem to be a part of the kitchen, but thanks to the Spice Route, Asia's spices made their way into the Western world, bringing fantasy and flavor to perfumes. The variety of spices used in perfumery adds a special warmth and intensity to fragrances.  

Hayati New York offers a blend of spicy facets, with a range that includes saffron, cloves, cardamom, and more. So, your need for scouring the Internet for the best perfume ends here. Below is a carefully crafted list, considering a range of preferences, featuring one of the best spicy perfumes out there. 

1 - Jasmin Al-Jazeera (Women's)

Pure jasmine and powdery scent opens, with rose and then beds down with saffron and musk. Jasmin Al Jazeera is one of the most elegant perfumes of all time. It is a timeless fragrance that gives a feminine allure with a warm and dark mystique — thanks to its spicy notes. 

With its outstanding longevity, you will be sure to grab this perfume off your vanity again and again. It's the ideal gift for your girl if you want to get things heated up before your date.

2 - Rendezvous A New York (Unisex)


If you want to opt for a strong scent, yet don't want it to be overbearing, this is it. 

With a combination of saffron, sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood and amber — Rendezvous A New York is surely going to get you some compliments. 

It is an enticing and seductive perfume that will be a favorite for you and your partner in all your special and intimate moments. Its scent would last you all night, with no necessary reapplication.

3 - 1 Million Oud (Men's) 


A multifaceted perfume with layers of fruitiness, peachy apply, saffron, honey cloves, musk, and agarwood — 1 million oud is bound to make you feel luxurious.  

The fruity notes add a sweetness to the perfume, while the warm and spicy notes add much-needed depth. It makes for a great everyday scent, especially for all the driven and ambitious men. The bonus is the chic golden bottle to display on your vanity.

4 - Italian Leather (Men's) 


Just a whiff of you, and your girl would be wanting for more. It provides notes of cloves, cardamom, geranium, bergamot, leather, and birchwood sand. Its intense spicy notes make it rather interesting and electric. 

You can wear this from day to night, making it your ultimate go-to scent and you won't regret adding it to your collection.

5 - Sahara Desert Oud (Men's)


This one is a versatile fragrance that will transport you to the enigmatic East. Its ongoing popularity is due to its sensual charm and unmatched warmth. It is enriched with spices, cedarwood, and agarwood, calling for a contemporary and long-lasting spicy perfume.

Not only is it a solid perfume, but it's also bottled in a regal black and gold casing. It's easy to fall in love with this oriental perfume as it offers you something unique yet pleasing.


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