Best Fragrances for Travellers

Good perfumes whisk you away to a serene world, providing a sense of calm amid chaos thanks to their beautiful aroma. Carrying your favorite perfume on the go keeps you ready for all the upcoming adventures, whether it's a work trip, a solitary escapade, or your honeymoon.

What makes a good perfume for a trip around the world? It should inspire your travels, and be portable and long-lasting. We've got a list of the best perfumes for traveling that cover all those aspects and so much more.

Let's get into it. 

Discover the World with Hayati New York

With scent's powerful ability to transport you through time and space, Hayati New York offers a range of discovery sets that include six different scents in 2 ml travel-size bottles, allowing you to try first and then trust. Do you know how many sprays a 2ml perfume includes? About 35 each! Enough to last your entire trip. 

Hayati New York has created a flexible  range of discovery sets, including sets for:

  • Women: Lovely mix of three perfumes for women, and three unisex. 
  • Men: Exciting mix of three perfumes for men, and three unisex. 
  • Oud: Selection of two men's, two unisex and 1 women's perfume. 
  • Hayati Collection: A versatile mix with two of each, women, men, and unisex. 

With the discovery sets, you can experiment with various perfumes to see how you like them and how they settle on your skin. You can also carry the small bottles on your trips with ease and spritz whenever needed. They would fit in your glove compartment, purse, or even pocket. If you want to grab a full-sized bottle, the following are our top picks for your latest adventures.

Top Picks 

Investing in a full-sized bottle for your next trip would be a great idea. You can use it and keep it as a keepsake after you return. Besides that, having a signature scent will always evoke nostalgia for your trips. 

Hayati New York offers solutions for travelers by including a complimentary 10ml travel-sized product with every full-size purchase. This 10ml item is valued at $25, ensuring travelers have everything they need without the need for separate purchases.

To make your special moments even more worthwhile, consider exploring the following:

1 - Jasmin Al-Jazeera (Women's)

Inspired by Eastern lands, this scent has a floral-ness that feels both exciting and grounding.  The perfume includes a host of breathtaking notes, including jasmine, powdery, rose, and to pull it all together, saffron and musk. If you want a feminine scent but with more longevity and depth, this is it. It's the right kind of perfume, no matter where you are traveling to, what time of the day it is, and what season it'll be. 

2 - Italian Leather (Men's) 

This perfume opens with fragrant cloves and cardamom, then reveals geranium and bergamot, followed by leather and birchwood that lingers on to your skin.  This is the ideal scent to sprinkle some Italian magic to impress new clients on a work trip or with girls at the bar. Whether you are out partying in Ibiza, or traveling to be closer to nature — Italian Leather will not let you down. 

3 - Rendezvous A New York (Unisex)

A busy life can lead you to feel a certain longing for your partner. You can grab your bottle of Rendezvous A New York, pack your essentials, and head to a quiet place away from the city to embrace your partner wholeheartedly. You don't even need to carry two perfumes, as you can both use this one. It's a sublime blend of saffron, sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood, and amber that will give you a wonderful fragrance throughout the day. 

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