The Best Perfume For Mother's Day

Don't we all love making the mother figures in our lives feel special? Nothing says ‘I love you mom’ better than a bottle of perfume. You can never go wrong with gifting a perfume. Who doesn't like smelling good all day, and getting compliments over it? 

Hayati New York's perfumes aren't just delicious smelling, but with their beautiful bottles and packaging, they can double as a beautiful piece on your mother's vanity table. 

Let's find out what lovely-smelling notes are perfect to gift to your mother this Mother's Day. 

1 - Rose 

Your flower-loving mother would be stunned to receive a rose-scented perfume.  You can explore Rose Oud Elixir or English Rose to present to her. These perfumes are full of nuances for the urban mothers, for the ones who show the best version of themselves throughout the day. Roses symbolize eternal love, and a rose-scented perfume has a warm enveloping fragrance to show unconditional love. 

2 - Jasmine

If you want your mother to leave a lasting impression, even better than she already does — Jasmine-scented perfumes are your go-to. Hayati New York's Jasmin Al-Jazeera is the perfect perfume with mixed powdery and floral notes to make your mother feel special.  If your mother is already a fan of Jasmine perfumes, you can go ahead and add this one to her collection. 

3 - Oud 

If you are looking to spoil your mother this Mother's Day, then make sure to check out some Oud scents for her. Habibi Albi Oud and Amor Oud are both solid choices for the woman who sacrifices her life for her children. Just like your mother, Oud is nature's gold. It has an earthy, intense, and luxurious scent. Its rare and mysterious nature makes this fragrance unique and delightful. 

4 - Amber

As an oriental scent, amber conveys a rich, spicy, and powdery feel. Amber-scented perfumes hold the power to make the wearer feel warm and comfortable — just like your beautiful mother deserves it. Surprising your mother with a bottle of Rendezvous A New York is an amazing idea.  This thought gesture would show her that you love and appreciate her as a mother figure in your life and that she's your true friend and partner in times of need, happiness, and hardships. 

More Than Just a Perfume 

Hayati New York's perfumes offer the confidence to lovely mothers to deal with their day-to-day challenges with a breeze. 

Someone who showers their family with love and devotion throughout the year, surely deserves more than just perfume, right?  But do you know what's better? A beautifully packaged 3-Bottled Gift Set. 

Hayati New York offers carefully curated gift collections that would make your mother feel over the moon.  Women's 3 Bottle Gift Set is the perfect gift if your mother is into soft, feminine, and floral scents. 

However, if you are looking for an edge to it, you can always go for the Unisex 3 Bottle Gift Set for someone who likes their perfume a little intense yet perfect for women. 

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