Best Perfumes for Summer

Choosing the right fragrance can be very personal, but the key to looking for summer scents is that they should be effervescent and long-lasting without being overbearing. You need to look for a perfume that is bright, fresh and ready to be the perfect companion for summer adventures.

If you are looking for the best scents to explore this summer, we have just the roundup. Here is a carefully selected list of perfumes by Hayati New York that should be your first  pick. 

1 - English Rose (Women's)

Welcome an endless summer with cool ocean breezes with this dreamy perfume that can add a playful, vacation-like vibe to any sunny day. The perfume is packed with fruity notes from litchi, followed by the floral goodness of Rhubarb, European Turkish Rose and peonies. Deepening the scent profile, vanilla intertwines with incense and vetiver, creating a divine base that lingers on your skin. 

Simply apply this perfume on your pulse point for the burst of refreshing experience throughout the day. Its instant uplift truly sets you apart from the crowd and is a must-have in every woman's collection

2 - Italian Leather (Men's)

The first whiff of this perfume would have you dreaming of summer. You would notice cloves and cardamom as the opening notes, and then the more prominent scent of the citrusy bergamot and geranium. Finally, it settles into deeper notes of leather and birchwood, capturing the essence of the beach.

Bergamot is the dominant scent for this iconic summer perfume, which is a hybrid between a sour orange and a lemon or a bitter orange, primarily grown in Italy. It's the ideal perfume to keep in rotation against your winter perfumes to use a signature scent in the warmer month. Its uplifting scent can be described as citrusy and slightly spicy. 

3 - Rendezvous A New York (Unisex) 

Looking for a premium fragrance for both men and women? Delivering a charming fragrance, Rendezvous A New York is the perfect scent for both days and nights.  Its refreshing blend of saffron, sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood and amber may seem a little unconventional for the summers but this perfume captivates the senses and leaves a long-lasting impression. 

This year-round perfume is versatile enough to endure various weather but truly shines on balmy summer nights spent with your lover. What's even more romantic is that both of you can wear it, honoring the exhilarating and energizing journey of this natural element through an olfactory crescendo. 

4 - 1 Million Oud (Men's)

Indulge in the heady mix of all your favorite notes, including fruity peach and apple, saffron, honey, and cloves, creates the perfect five-star scent you've been looking for. To add a sensual base, we introduce amber, musk, and agarwood (oud), ensuring a 5-star fragrance experience that you've been looking for. 

The remarkable aspect of this scent lies in its incredibly powerful longevity. Whether you want to feel luxurious at the beach, in the office, while running errands, or on a day out with your love, this scent will be your steadfast companion  in every summer experience.

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