Best Perfume to Wear on Your Wedding Day

The right perfume adds the much-needed final touch to your wedding look. Whether you are someone who has a signature scent or loves exploring new fragrances, the thought of finding your ultimate wedding perfume has surely crossed your mind.

Wouldn't you agree that perfumes hold the power to evoke nostalgia, memories, and emotions? That's why we suggest wearing a new fragrance on your wedding day — a subtle way of creating memories. 

Let's explore Hayati New York's selection of perfumes for your special day. 

Wedding Day Perfumes For Men

Looking for a perfume that not only you but all those around you will remember? First up is the 1 Million Oud — the base notes are amber, musk, and agarwood (oud), while the top and middle notes embrace fruity, peach apple, saffron, and honey cloves. This perfume will be sure to make you feel your absolute best.

Next up is our finest, Italian Leather, an iconic scent we reckon you should have on your radar. It has some of the best ingredients to offer, including cloves, cardamom, geranium, bergamot, leather, and birchwood sand. It's a sweet Italian summer in a bottle. 

Wedding Day Perfumes for Women

A pure declaration of feminine energy and love, English Rose combines some of the best ingredients a girl could wear on her wedding day. It includes litchi, rhubarb, European Turkish Rose, peony, vanilla, incense and vetiver. The perfume's magnetic aura is an ode to seizing the moment. 

If you are looking for a scent that is a bit more feisty, then Hayati New York offers the very oriental and sensual scent of Rose Oud Elixir. The blend of tincture of rose, agarwood (oud), and guaiac wood makes it a wedding-worthy choice. 

Wedding Day Perfumes for Couple 

For years to come, whenever you catch a whiff of your wedding day perfume, you'll be flooded with happy memories from the most important day of your life. You can celebrate the nostalgia with your partner, by getting a perfume both of you can wear. Hayati has a range of perfumes that are ideal for lovers. 

Starting with a favorite, Habibi Albi Oud is a homage to your love. With ingredients like saffron, nutmeg, lavender, agarwood (oud), patchouli, and musk, wear this perfume as a promise of eternal love and growth with your partner.

Moving on, choosing Amor Oud for both you and your partner to wear on your wedding day to tie the knot could never be better. The perfume has floral notes to match the occasion, including top notes of oud and base notes of amber to set the mood for your night.  

End Note

Hayati New York offers long-lasting perfumes and unique blends for the unique you.  From the ceremony to the first dance to the farewell — these perfumes do not leave your side. Our multidimensional perfumes linger on your skin to leave an everlasting impression on your partner and your guests. 

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