How to Get Free Perfume Samples in The USA

It's easy to walk into a store and spritz some perfume to test how it smells. But can you really determine in an instant whether you like it? Probably not. 

You need to wear your perfume for a while to truly decide if the perfume suits your preference or not. Typically, it takes 10-15 minutes for a perfume to develop on your skin and the scent can change throughout the day. 

So, what's a solution to this? You can get your hands on a free sample to try at home. Ever wondered how you can score these freebies? Well, that's what we are here for today. 

Let's discover how you can get free perfume samples and find your new signature scent. 

Explore Department Store

Step one to getting freebies is not being shy. Visit the perfume counter and ask if they've any samples available for a perfume that you are looking for, or something new you can try. Some stores may pour you a sample vial on request.  

Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and Ulta Beauty are some goldmines where you can go sample hunting.  

Do Product Reviews

Brands value honest reviews about their products. It helps them gain authenticity and visibility.  If you have a platform with a following, you can reach out to different brands and offer reviews in return for a free perfume sample. Brands may even offer you a full-sized bottle as part of the deal. As an influencer, you can definitely go beyond perfumes! 

Join Newsletters 

To become well-known in the community, brands may also offer free samples or “first peeks” for their upcoming products in their newsletters. If you are interested in a specific brand, sign up for their newsletter and keep yourself updated on what new offers they have available. As a loyal customer, they may even give you priority. 

#Hashtags on Social Media 

Social media is the treasure trove of freebies, and hashtags are your guiding light. You can look for hashtags such as #freeperfumesamples to see what is available in your area. Moreover, social media is great for discovering coupons, and discount codes, and participating in giveaways. Engaging with your desired brands increases your chance of being chosen for product samples and exclusive deals. 

Call the Stores

If visiting stores sounds too hectic, you can always call them to ask if any specific perfume samples that you are looking for are available. Specific requests show that you are a serious buyer. What's the worst that could happen? They would say no — but they can also say yes!

Hayati New York’s Solution


The bottom line is, always keep your eyes open for new opportunities. For instance, with every full-sized bottle purchased from Hayati New York, you receive a sample-size perfume. 

Hayati New York, the luxury perfumes brand understands that it may be difficult for customers to splurge on perfumes as a bottle can last a long time and is a real commitment. Hence, the sample allows you to try it before fully committing to the perfume.

Moreover, Hayati offers a range of discovery sets featuring a variety of perfume options to suit everyone's taste. Ready to dive into the world of fragrances and find your perfect scent with Hayati New York? 

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