Best Perfume to Give as a Wedding Gift

Just as the smell of freshly baked cookies takes you back to your childhood, perfume evokes memories, whisking you right back to your special moments. That's why gifting perfumes as a wedding gift to the bride and groom-to-be is the perfect choice. 

Weddings aren't an “everyday affair” making it important to choose your perfume gift wisely. Let's have a look at Hayati's wedding gift-worthy selection. 

For the Groom: 1 Million Oud

Here is your choice for the most timeless scents to gift the groom on his wedding day, or beforehand! This way, he can smell iconic on his special day and this one is a no-brainer!

Encased in a gorgeous gold bottle, 1 Million Oud is set to make the groom feel like a million dollars on his special day. This is the kind of perfume that the groom is going to wear twenty years down the road, just to remember his special day. 

The perfume has a soft airy scent, yet very intense without being too overpowering. With notes like fruity, peach apple, saffron, honey cloves, amber, musk, and agarwood (oud), your gift is surely going to be the groom's favorite. 

For the Bride: Jasmin Al-Jazeera

As much as the bride loves picking the most perfect dress for her wedding, she is surely also in search of the perfect wedding day perfume. As the bridesmaid, it's your job to find her one. This is the one you need to pick. 

Treat your girl to the finest wedding fragrance on the list. This scent has a luxurious oriental feel yet is very sophisticated. With a blend of powdery jasmine, rose, saffron, and musk notes, the groom is sure to hug the bride a little tighter and longer each time she wears this scent on the post-wedding days.

It is also the perfect gift for a summer destination wedding. Its earthy, woody, and floral composition inspires expansive wild open spaces, blue skies, rocky landscapes, and vast deserts.

For the Couple: Rendezvous A New York 

Friends with both the bride and the groom? No worries about doubling up on gifts for both the bride and groom. Opt for a unisex perfume like Rendezvous A New York by Hayati New York — perfect for lovers. The amazing scent of Rendezvous A New York by Hayati New York promises to deliver attractive fragrances that will bind the couple together.

Infuse joy into your friends' lives with notes of saffron, sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood, and amber. The amber notes add stunning depth to the whole fragrance.  

The perfume is a sensual and exciting choice for the couple and signifies adventure and days full of love ahead. It is perfect for couples who are looking for a balanced sophistication with a hint of unexpected exoticism

End Note

There are so many emotions, memories, and nostalgia attached to the perfumes we wear, making it the perfect gift to give to our loved ones. Hayati New York also offers gift sets filled with woody, floral, citrusy, and fresh fragrances making them the ideal present for their special day. 

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