Why Should You Buy Perfume Discovery Sets?

To cut to the chase, if you are a perfume enthusiast, you must love exploring new scents. However, a single spritz never does the job because of the nature of perfumes. 

To truly know how a perfume smells, you must have it applied throughout the day because the scent evolves over time, revealing different notes depending on the time of day and the environment.

But what does all that have to do with discovery sets? Well, discovery sets include a curated collection of five 2 ml perfume bottles, allowing you to explore different fragrances before committing to a full-sized bottle. 

That's not all, the following are more reasons as to why you should invest in Hayati New York's Discovery Sets.  

Versatile Options 

If a good-quality luxury perfume puts a smile on your face, then you're in the right place because Hayati New York has nothing less to offer. And with the discovery sets, you get to explore 5 different scents across various categories: Men, Women, and Oud. Let's see what each set has to offer.

  • Men's: The expensive-smelling perfumes in this set range from clean citrus-y scents to intense musky ones. You can find fragrances for all year round. 

  • Women's: Mostly inspired by floral scents, the women's range plays with lighter fragrances, transitioning to warmer, neutral ones, all exuding warm brilliance. 

  • Oud: Packed with a real oriental punch, Hayati New York's oud scents aren't too harsh on the nose. The set includes perfumes suitable for both men and women. When given time to develop, oud scents offer a light yet woody notes. 

  • Unisex: All of Hayati New York's Discovery Sets include some androgynous scents as well, making them a perfect, little, spontaneous, budget-friendly gift for your partner.


Do you often forget to spray perfume in the morning? Well, mini perfumes are your best travel buddy. They can fit in your pocket, toiletry bag, purse or glove compartment without taking too much space. This way you can apply or reapply it when needed. A quick spritz before your big meeting or special date always does the trick. 

Smart Investment 

No doubt, collecting luxury perfumes is an expensive hobby. With discovery sets, you can test various scents without having to break your bank. Once you find one that you like most, you can get a full-sized bottle for it.

Find Your Signature Scent

Discovery sets can rekindle your love for perfumes. You can apply any perfume you like at different times of the day to see how it suits you. You would have to pick a perfume based on your style, personality, and taste.

Hayati's New York curates each set and their perfumes with a lot of care, making sure each perfume stands unique. Sampling the perfume will also help you gauge the experience of the people around you.

You'd notice crowd-pleasing scents, ones that would make people lean in closer and take a double take. It all depends on what you are looking for, a lighter scent that creates an ethereal aura or something more iconic.

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