Benefits of Hayati's Pocket-Sized Perfume

Body odor is almost impossible to ignore, and you can never know when it'll strike to embarrass you. Whether you are entering a meeting, having dinner with your friends, or hugging your date goodbye — you can feel uncomfortable if your scent is not on point. Such hiccups can be unpredictable. 

Don't let a manageable inconvenience hamper your plans, which is why you should always stay prepared. To avoid feeling uncomfortable in public, it's ideal to carry Hayati's pocket-sized complementary bottle. 

Hayati includes a complimentary 10 ml bottle with every purchase of a 75 ml perfume. Additionally, you can explore a variety of five/six 2 ml bottles from different categories in our discovery sets.

But how can such a small bottle benefit you? 

Let's reveal some benefits. 

Easy to Carry

As the name suggests, a pocket-sized perfume easily fits into convenient spaces like your pocket, purse, or car. It's perfect for various occasions such as traveling, work or office settings, business meetings, gym or workouts, date nights, special social events (weddings, parties), and even makes a great gift. It's also handy for public transportation or any time you're on the go. 

Exploration Possibilities 

Sometimes, you don't want to stick to one big perfume bottle for a long time. With small perfumes, you are not limited to a fragrance. For instance, the Oud Discovery Set is perfect for those who love to try out new perfumes. You can easily pick a scent for the occasion or add to your carry depending on your mood. Hayati's discovery sets allow you to explore five different scents, depending on your mood. The sets include:

  1. Discover Set (Oud)
  2. Discover Set (Women's) 
  3. Discover Set (Men's) 

Parties and Events

Special occasions call for special scents. Pocket-sized perfumes offer you a wider range to pick from without investing too much. They have you covered from intimate events to mass gatherings; all you need to do is choose according to what the occasion calls for. 

Hassle-free Flights 

Hayati's pocket-sized perfumes from the discovery sets and the complimentary 10ml bottles  don't weigh any more than 10ml. With these, you don't have to worry about the weight restriction. For shorter trips, bring your entire mini collection instead of deciding on one big bottle. Having options ensures you're prepared for any adventure during your travels. 

Commitment Free

At times, a perfume might not immediately win you over. That's why, with Hayati, we offer a worry-free experience. With every 75 ml full-size purchase, enjoy a complimentary 10ml bottle of the same fragrance. TRY the fragrance first with the 2ml sample provided for FREE — if it resonates, feel free to open the full-sized bottle for a delightful experience. However, if you're not satisfied, our easy return and exchange procedure allows you to navigate the process effortlessly.

For detailed return instructions, please visit our Returns/Exchange Policy page.

Yet, we doubt you'll feel that way about Hayati's perfumes, crafted with love and happiness, infusing each scent with a touch of joy that lingers throughout your day.

Final Word 

Hayati's perfumers have created an olfactory experience catering to the needs of all perfume lovers. Pocket-sized perfumes are also ideal for perfume collectors who like to add to their collections without investing much. Once you've found a scent you enjoy, you can move on to making the bigger purchase.

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