Why Buy Hayati Perfume and Oud?

At Hayati, we boast an intimate collection of 9 premium colognes for both Him and Her. Engineered with just the right notes, we as perfumers ensure each fragrance is a meaningful statement.

A Majestic Expression

Cocktailing ingredients from Arab peninsula and Asia, our products borrow its exoticness. Beginning from the spray, till the end of day, it is a pleasant expression. An affirmation that is for the bold men and women to make. Of having their presence felt.

Crowns may have long been dulled, but the fragrance of royalty lingers on. From the Agarwood of Arabia our products are a blend of the rarest ingredients. The Agarwood Oud infused in Hayati’s products is one of the 4 scarcest ingredients used in the perfumery world.

Scents That Become Memories

Hayati’s perfume chemists are conscious of enhancing longevity factors. Be it the amount of oil concentration, standards for how fresh and natural the ingredients should be, or the types of oils used. They stand on business and guarantee that our products are bound to become fond memories.

With a minimum performance duration of 12 hours, the products are concocted to achieve decent silage and projection. More than colognes, these careful considerations allow us to put together an aura. A gratifying tone the wearer leaves behind, in the room and the hearts.

Petals, Spice & Everything Nice!

A perfume enthusiast can sense the efflux of a premium brand. It is evident from how complete its catalog is. All our 9 perfumes are made with ingredients with 4 seasons in mind.

Be it warm musk for the cold winters, spicy spices for sedate falls, floral and woody affairs to compliment the spring or the fruity and citrus sprays to go with bright summers. Our racks have it all. This is a reason good enough for scent lovers to fall in love with our aromatic brews and keep the romance going.

The Fragrance of Arabian Deserts

Turn the pages back to the 9th century and drop the pin to the Arabian deserts. An Abbasid chemist Abu Yusuf Yaqub wrote a sort of a cookbook, listing 100 of his secret recipes. It is fair to title him the father of Oud — afterall he invented the scent of deserts as we know it today, the Arabic perfumes. Skip a few pages to Jabir Ibn Hayyan, the second chemist to have modernized the processes.

Today, as 21st century perfumers, Hayati follows and reinvents the wisdom of these good smelling ancestors. We blend authentic Arabian ouds. When wearing Hayati, one wears the true fragrance trailing from the sands of the peninsula itself.

Hayati’s Promise

We resolve beyond providing the royals among us with their signature sprays, Hayati New York is about spreading smiles across the miles first. Our priority is to share Hayati’s fragrant love and happiness. We fulfill it by making the products and the experience pleasant for our customers.

For each of the 9 products, we welcome customers to order free samples. So, they can try them out to find which product they enjoy flirting with before spending. We have an easy shipping and return policy, assuring customers always receive what they purchase. These products are a made in the USA.

Explore the Hayati catalog, and with one of our regal fragrances make your presence felt!


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