What Does Your Choice of Perfume Say About You?

Curious what your perfume might be saying about you? The scent that lingers behind you when you walk down the street or out of a meeting says a lot about you. 

Not only do you spend considerable time choosing the right perfumes based on your preference, but the notes you pick convey subconscious messages to those around you.

People judge you by the scent you wear, so if you don't want to be perceived a certain way, perhaps it's time to change things around a little.


If you are someone who could be considered everyone's best friend, then you would also be someone who reaches out for floral perfumes. Floral-lovers are humble, down to earth and always there for those who need them. 

Wearing a floral perfume makes you more approachable and less intimidating. Think – Jasmin Al-Jazeera, a blooming scent that reminds you of nature. Floral scents are perfect for first dates, and intimate occasions.  


Often referred to as “liquid gold” oud is often worn by those who love luxury. Oud lovers are as intense as its scent. If you use Oud perfume as a signature scent, people may perceive you as irresistible.  

If you like late night parties, and aren't afraid to showcase your sensuality then an Oud perfume such as Amor Oud and Habibi Albi Oud would be your perfect date-night match. 


When we think of citrus, the first word to pop into our mind is— refreshing! But what about the people who wear citrus without fail? Citrus lovers who wear perfumes like English Rose are free-spirited and live a fun and adventurous life.

They like to find joy in the little things and love to spend their time in daylight. If you're someone energetic and always ready to explore, citrus scents may be your jazz.


Whether it's a woody perfume with spicy notes, or a floral one — you can never go wrong with that extra zest. That's exactly how spice-perfume lovers are. When wearing Italian Leather or 1 Million Oud, you aren't afraid to show your true, authentic and best self. 

Spice perfumes make you immediately seem more interesting and electrifying to those around you. They radiate a positive energy that can make them the center of attention. Opt for a spicy scent for your next important meeting and see it work its magic.


Wood lovers are not only highly reliable but also tend to be high achievers.  Whether it's sports, career, or academia, a woody scent would make you feel confident enough to achieve your pursuits. It's worn by sophisticated people with strong personalities. 

Next time you want to be the heart and soul for a party, opt for Rendezvous A New York or Sahara Desert Oud and let them evoke the sense of strength and sensuality.  

Final Note

At Hayati, we understand the importance of matching the right perfume with your personality.  You can explore our Scent Selector to find a perfume thar really resonates with you. 

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