Best Perfumes to Gift on Christmas and Holidays

It's that time of the year when you can spoil your loved ones with the warmest and yummiest scents! The holiday season brings parties, Christmas trees, and a whole lot of gift choices to make.

For this season, to make Christmas feel like Christmas, you need to choose something that's spicy, nutty, and electrifying.  Bring all the joy of gift-giving by choosing one (or two!) of the best holiday perfumes you can find on the market. 

1 - Rose Oud Elixir (Women's)

A rich oriental scent that is the perfect gift for your friends but also a must-have on your own collection. This floral yet spicy scent will last long after the party is over. So, if you have someone who likes being the center of attention, this is it.

Its dense, spicy notes and oud balance out each other, creating a memorable fragrance. You can also surprise your partner with Rose Oud Elixir and a bouquet of roses to add an extra bit of delight to holiday celebrations.


2 - Sahara Desert Oud (Men's)

It is time to show your man all the love. This refined and not-overpowering scent is a classic that never fades — a perfume ideal for the holidays and the rest of the year — Sahara Desert Oud. 

While its warm notes of spices, cedarwood, and agarwood take cues from the desert, it can also be worn in the dead of winter. 

3 - Amor Oud (Unisex)

Avoid any hiccups and ensure a smooth festive mood by having back-up gifts; what better choice than a stack of unisex perfumes? You only need to sneak in the forgotten friend's name on the card. And with a delicious perfume like Amor Oud, you are bound to be forgiven.

Amor Oud's fragrance is a holiday, bottled. Provide your loved ones with an olfactive escape with its warm oud, floral, and amber notes combined. It will be a present worth remembering.  

4 - Jasmin Al-Jazeera (Women's)

Some people may be a bit skeptical about the overuse jasmine scents. However, when girls want something floral, Hayati's Jasmin Al-Jazeera remains a top choice. You will be pleasantly surprised by its iteration.

It's ideal for the beach picnics you have planned with your partner in the coming year and also great for all the holiday season dinners. To enhance its floral scent, the perfume also has notes of rose, while to balance that out, you will find notes of saffron and musk.

5 - 1 Million Oud (Men's)

Men's perfumes can convey a million moods, and this one will make your partner feel like a million dollars. 1 million oud is a powerful and evocative scent. While your partner already spellbinds you, this fragrance will make your man feel confident in all important after-holiday work events and meetings. 

This scent is enough to whisk you away with its exotic concoction. It starts with a peachy, fruity note, which soon transitions to the warm notes of saffron and honey cloves, rounding it off with a long-lasting impression of deeply oriental amber, musk, and agarwood. It is a totally iconic scent and absolutely unforgettable. 

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