Best Rose Perfumes for Women

Roses have been around forever, and have been used for thousands of years in perfumery as a prime ingredient — holding their place in the perfume world for the longest time. Its robust and feminine scent has inspired playwrights, poets, and perfumers alike. After all, it is more convenient to stop and smell a rose, when it is lingering on your skin. 

While the scent feels quite delicate and romantic, if paired with the right ingredients it can also feel deep and complex. Rose notes can be identified as fresh and floral, and the perfumes mark for an ideal day and night time scent, especially in spring.

Who is the Ideal User for Rose Perfumes?

Rose perfumes are often not too overpowering. The light and easy scent can make them your everyday, go-to scent.  A rose perfume can be ideal for anyone, all you need to do is find a fragrance that you feel connected to, and you feel confident when wearing it. 

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Top Rose Perfumes at Hayati New York 

Rose is key in any perfumer's palette and our collection would have been incomplete without it.

1 - English Rose

If you have been on the hunt for an effervescent rose scent, English Rose is it. Contrary to popular belief, roses come in many types and this perfume uses the sweet smelling Rhubarb European Turkish Rose along with litchi in the top notes. Not to forget its beautiful encasing which makes it a luxurious edit on your vanity. 

To intensify the floral-ness, the middle notes include peony and sweet vanilla to create an ultimate light and airy delicacy. The final notes of vetiver and incense feel like a memory you could never get tired of. Its freshness gives you a spa-like tranquility.  

2 - Rose Oud Elixir 

Looking for a signature scent? It is safe to say that you may have just found it. The rose scent in this shines bright, because of the darkness of Oud underneath.  

The Rose Oud Elixir is love at first sight as the top notes are of tincture of rose, and following that you would notice the intense Oud notes. The perfume ends with guaiac wood, making it perfect for musky evenings. It is also suitable all year round due to its blend. The rose makes it perfect for spring and summer, which the warmer notes set will with fall and winter.

What Does a Rose Signify? 

The beautiful scarlet flower is associated with peace, calm, and serenity. Moreover, it has also been a subject of love affairs where it is represented as safety, trust, and intimacy  — often associated with healthy relationships,  they represent a peaceful blossoming of something new, peaceful, and rare.

While we are now aware of the symbolic representation of roses when it comes to love, what does it mean to present rose perfume as a gift? It is often associated with true love and affection. Wearing a rose perfume could feel like being in love and your lover's embrace, all at once. 

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